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                                                      May 16, 2018
                                           US Rep. Mike Coffman
                                                  & Eagle Awards
                                        May 30 -- Meeting at Salvation Army.
                                     June 25 -  Golf Tournament at Heritage Eagle                                                                                                        Bend  - Shotgun start 7;30 am.
                                     June 30-- Installation  at Bob's Barn at 4:00 pm
Ron Maclachlan
                           Bob Barrows reported that Ron Maclachlan is back in ICU.                                     
Tracy Burt
                                 Bill Rapp went to visit Tracy Burt.  Tracy is suffereing
                          from Parkenson's  Disease.  Everyone is asked to keep
                          Tracy in their prayers.
                                                                                This Week
                                                        April 25, 2018
                                     Community Enterprise Development
                          Regina Edmondson arranged the program and introduced
                     the speakers Alexandria Wise and Ben Stephan.
                              Alex Wise Executive Director of  Community Services
                        Development CED  gave a presentation that
                        outlined the mission and programs of CED.
                            The mission of CEDS is to support the American Dream of                          financial self-sufficiency, by assisting refugees and those
                             from under served  communities in Metro Denver who                                desire to own or strengthen businesses,  develop assets,                              and empower themselves financially.
                        They target the under served people in North Aurora and 
                        southeast Colorado Springs.
                       They give qualified individuals loans from  $5,000 to
                      $ 50,000.  They have a business advisory service to help
                      new businesses get started.  They've made 182 loans
                      totaling 2.9 million dollars..  1.5 million dollars have been
                     made in north Aurora.  There have been no defaults.
                     The interest rates are from 7 to 11 percent.  They've
                     created 424 jobs so far.  The biggest category of businesses
                      is trucking.  A side benefit is to reduce recidivism  through
                     a program called Transforming Safety.--  A   law was passed                      this year in the legislature to create reforms in the parole                             system  that would also save the state money. These savings                       from the state prison budget will be invested in strategies                           that strengthen and build on the assets of communities as a                       way to prevent crime in the first place.
                        The program focuses on two communities for a three-year                          pilot – North Aurora and Southeast Colorado Springs – to                          demonstrate that this approach can work
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