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November 29,  2017
Steve Coffin
Compositive Academy
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November 29 --Rotary Photo Day
December 16 -- Christmas Party
at Invintions Wine Bar
followed by A Christmas Carol
at Galleria Theater
(details to follow)
    November Schedule :   November 29 -- Makeup meeting.
December schedule:   December  27-- Dark no meeting
                                                   Salvation Army Bell Ringing
                                   Tom Kline is coordinating the SA bell ringing.
                                    There are two people scheduled for each two                                                                            hour time spot, so it would be appreciated
                                  if you can sign up for more than one time spot.
                                 Dates for ringing:  11-25, 12-2, 12-9,12-16, 12-23, 12-24.
                                   Tom and Linda (co-chairpersons) are ready to go
                                   to work and will need everyones help.
This Week
November 15, 2017
Shelley McKittrick
Homelessness Coordinator
                                Shelley said that there was no way to get an accurate
                                count of the homeless.  It is estimated that there are
                                probably 800 or so.  Previous counts are 150-200.
                               These people are in flux.
                                She said that each have been traumatized at some
                                point in their life.  No one sets out to be homeless.
                                Alcohol seems to be a common denominator in most
                                of the cases.
                                It is planned that the tax on marijuana will be used to
                                fund a homeless facility.  This is a nebulous figure because
                                it hasn't been nailed down yet.  (People will buy pot where
                               they can find it and not where it is supplied)
                               If a person has a relative that will accommodate them, they 
                               will be given a bus or plane ticket to go there.
                               It is difficult to apply for a job without a permanent address
                               to respond to.
                              Shelley said that it takes "courage" to find a place for the
                              homeless to move to.  (Not in my backyard syndrome.)
                              There are "free laundry"  days and other accommodations 
                              such as the Aurora Day Resource Center and a
                              medical  clinic  that is run through University Hospital.
                             She said that it is important at ending homelessness
                             one case at a time and "compassionate empathy" by
                             believing that homelessness can be ended.
                             Shelley had a Homeless Services Resource Guide pamphlet
                             that showed what resources were available and where they
                              were located.
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