Power Point used by Kevin Hogen was
created by George Peck.

Next Meeting
April 4, 2018
Salvation Army
Lt. Col. Starrett
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April 17-- New Member Orientation
April 29 -- Golden Globe Awards
Sunday 5:00 pm- 27151 Lakeview Dr.
                                                       May 10,  -- State of the City     
                               President- Elect Jim Bickford  conducted the meeting.                                           
                                                                 Sister Cities
                      Jim Bickford presented a check to Karlyn Shorb for $480.                     
                                     Rick Richard and Linda Witulski  explained the next steps
                                   in implementing the Red Tail Hawk Park project.  The
                                   next step is  fund raising which will need several committees
                                  such as publicity, contacting other clubs, writing grants etc.
                                  They asked "by a show of hands" who would be willing
                                  to serve on one of these committees.  They got a good
                                  response and will proceed to implementation.
        This Week
        March 28, 2018
        Aurora Update
        Kevin Hogen
            Member picture
                                     Kevin Hogen CEO of Aurora Chamber of Commerce
                                   gave an update on the economy of Aurora.
                                   Aurora is only 50% built out.  One of its greatest
                                    strengths is that it procured rights to water which
                                    has enabled the city to expand with new developments.
                                    Key to water development is the Prairie Water program.
                                   It allows the water to be recycled.  After the water goes 
                                   through  purification at the water purification  plant it
                                   is discharged into the Platte River where it flows north
                                   wells in the Commerce City area.   It is recaptured there
                                   and put into a large (33") pipe which takes it back to the
                                   purification plant  north of Arapaho Fairgrounds to be
                                   used by the city.
                              (This was taken from notes)
                                   The following three slides were taken from Kevin's
                                   Power Point presentation.  
                     Kevin  made a very thorough and interesting presentation
                     which is beyond  the scope of  this newsletter
Corridor Plan
  • 10 ½ mile light rail transit extension / 8 stations
  • Starts at existing Nine Mile Station
  • Serves:
    • Iliff  TOD
    • Aurora City Center
    • Anschutz / Fitzsimons Campus
  • Gateway to Tech Center and DEN
  • Provides a transfer to the East Corridor Commuter Rail  at Smith Road station
  • RTD approved public/private partnership with Kiewit Fall of 2012
  • Full corridor opened to public Feb 24, 2017


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