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This Week in Rotary
Joel Roland - new to CO from North Carolina
Fellow Rotarians
Sherry Hanson (pictured) and Dave Crist joined us today from the DTC Rotary Club.  Details on their raffle fundraiser on the link button below. 
Flower Power
You are invited to the Flower Power.  
Event: Flower Power
Date: Mar 01, 2020 5:30 PM  - Mar 02, 2020 9:00 AM
Location: convention center and Cherry Creek Nursing Home
14699 E. Hampden Avenue
Aurora , CO United States of America
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Help pick flowers at the Colorado Convention or Deliver flowers to a nursing home and put a smile on someones face. 

Needing volunteers for the upcoming Flower Power pickup/dropoff on March 1st and 2nd.  Sheila has signups that were provided at the meeting.  If you would like to volunteer please send Sheila an email @
State of the City
Member Patti Bateman asked everyone to put on your calendars the upcoming State of The City event on May 11th, 2020 at Hyatt Regency Aurora-Denver, featuring Mayor Mike Coffman.  If you have organizations interested in attending or becoming a sponsor please reach out to member Brad Pierce at 303.341.5559.  Additional details to follow.
Shots for Tots
You are invited to the Shots for Tots and teens 2020.  You can also book family and friends.
Event: Shots for Tots and teens 2020
Date: Mar 14, 2020 8:45 AM  - Mar 14, 2020 1:15 PM
Location: Aurora Fire Station #2
12600 Hoffman Blvd
Aurora, CO United States of America
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Shots for Tots and Teens at the Aurora Fire Station #2 located at 12600 Hoffman Blvd in Aurora Colorado 80011. Volunteers needed from 8:30 AM until 1:30 PM or any time in between.  Please wear comfortable shoes and bring a jacket in case the Firetrucks have to roll out for a call and the doors have to be opened briefly. Lunch will be provided by us.

We also need donations of any small stuffed animals or children's books in clean condition. They don't need to be new. These will be given out to the children that come in to get vaccinated for them to keep.   Please bring these items to the next meeting for David to take, or to the event itself.

Thank you all for your help! Please contact David Dreibelbis at 720-819-0856 or with any questions.

Book Drive
President Regina announced an upcoming book drive for elementary schools in Aurora(Aurora and Cherry Creek Public Schools).  Please bring your new or lightly used children's books to club meetings and Regina will collect for distribution. This effort will be ongoing for all of March meetings. 
Next  meeting on 3/4/20 @ Rendezvous Heather Gardens .
Paul Harris Fellows
President Regina presented a Paul Harris fellow +6 award to member Chris Dumas, DDS this week(pictured).  Congratulations to you for your outstanding support of Rotary. 
For those of you unfamiliar with the Paul Harris Fellow program here is a bit of history. 

The Paul Harris Fellow recognition acknowledges individuals who contribute, or who have contributions made in their name, of $1,000 to The Rotary Foundation.

Rotary established the recognition in 1957 to encourage and show appreciation for substantial contributions to what was then the Foundation’s only program, Rotary Foundation Fellowships for Advanced Study, the precursor to Ambassadorial Scholarships. 

The first Paul Harris Fellows included past RI Director Allison G. Brush, who served during the 1937-38 Rotary year, and longtime RI Treasurer Rufus F. Chapin, both for donations made in 1946. Mrs. Adan Vargas was the first woman to receive the recognition, for a gift made in 1953. Mrs. Harry L. Jones was the second, and one of only five people recognized for contributions actually made in that inaugural year. 

Early Paul Harris Fellows received a certificate of recognition. In 1969, the Foundation unveiled the first Paul Harris Fellow medallion at the Rotary Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Japanese metal artist Fiju Tsuda created the piece under the direction of former Foundation Trustee Kyozo Yuasa. Today, Paul Harris Fellows receive a certificate and pin. They are also eligible to buy a Paul Harris Fellow medallion. 

Rotarians have a tradition of supporting the Foundation by honoring others. Ida LeTulle Taylor became a Paul Harris Fellow in 1978 when her husband, Vann Taylor, who was serving as a district governor, made a donation in her name in honor of their 34th wedding anniversary. The gift also made her the 25,000th Paul Harris Fellow. 

The number of Paul Harris Fellows reached the 1 million mark in 2006.

John Gay - Human Trafficking Task Force
Our speaker this week was John Gay with the Human Trafficking Task Force  


While existing data are not sufficient to fully identify the extent of human trafficking in the United States, current research indicates that many law enforcement agencies in the United States have encountered some form of human trafficking or contacted victims through routine work and investigations into other crimes. Victim service providers may also come into contact with trafficking victims in a variety of settings.  Colorado has become a center point for human trafficking due to the convenient highway system to take people North and South out of the state. 

Due to the complex nature of the crime, perpetrators often operate unnoticed, and those who suffer are not likely to self-identify as victims of human trafficking. Trafficking victims do not always see themselves as victims, often blaming themselves for their situation. This makes discovering this crime more difficult because victims rarely self-report, and the time and resources required to uncover violations can be significant. Too many victims are misidentified and treated as criminals or undocumented migrants. In some cases, victims are hidden behind doors in domestic servitude in a home. In other cases, victims live in plain view and interact with people on a daily basis, yet they experience commercial sexual exploitation or forced labor under extreme circumstances in public settings such as exotic dance clubs, factories, or restaurants, and are not identified due to a lack of identification training and awareness.

What is the Definition of Human Trafficking?

According to federal legislation (the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 [TVPA], and its subsequent reauthorizations), human trafficking is defined as:

a) Sex trafficking in which a commercial sex act is induced by force, fraud, or coercion, or in which the person induced to perform such act has not attained 18 years of age; or

b) The recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining of a person for labor or services, through the use of forcefraud, or coercion for the purpose of subjection to involuntary servitudepeonagedebt bondage, or slavery. (22 USC 7102(9))

Human trafficking often involves severe violence to its victims, along with a host of other crimes, including gang, drug, and property crimes; organized criminal operations; and other violations of state, federal, and international law. See Chapter 1.4 Human Trafficking Laws for additional information.

Who is a Victim?

There is no single profile of a trafficking victim. Victims of this crime may be men, women, transgender persons, adults, minors, U.S. citizens, legal permanent residents, or foreign nationals. Any person under the age of 18 who engages in commercial sex acts, regardless of the use of force, fraud, or coercion, is a victim of human trafficking, even if they appear to consent to the commercial sex act.

In the United States, some of the most highly vulnerable populations include undocumented workers, runaway and homeless youth, individuals with substance abuse or addiction issues, and low income individuals; however, individuals across all income and education levels can be trafficked. Regardless of background, the common denominator is some form of vulnerability. Whether the vulnerability lies in a dream of a better life, lack of employment, an unstable home, a disability, or the desire to escape physical and/or sexual abuse, these conditions exist in every city, state, and country.

Who is a Trafficker?

Just as there is no one type of victim, trafficking perpetrators can be foreign nationals or U.S. citizens, and they can be family members, partners, acquaintances, or strangers to their victims. People often incorrectly assume that all traffickers are males; however, several cases in the United States involve women as traffickers. There are cases where traffickers are pimps, family members, peers and intimate partners, gangs and criminal networks, diplomats, business owners (legitimate and those operating as a commercial front for the illicit activity), labor brokers, farm owners, factories, and companies large and small.

Many victims and traffickers share ethnic or cultural backgrounds. In these cases, traffickers are better able to understand, gain trust, and ultimately exploit victims. Traffickers choose targets based on vulnerability, and they use recruitment or enticement tactics and methods of control that will work most effectively.

Human Trafficking – a Hidden but High Profit Industry

Human trafficking is a low risk, high profit industry for the trafficker. Human trafficking is believed to be one of the fastest growing illicit industries in the world. Fortunately, as practitioners are better trained and the general public becomes more aware of the problem, the equation of low risk is starting to shift. The riskier the crime becomes, the less incentive exists for perpetrators to commit the crime. A strong multidisciplinary task force that utilizes talents from all sectors can add to this momentum.

Thanks John for your insight and commitment to this horrible offense on society and our youth.  
Please see link for additional details surrounding human trafficking. 
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