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December 6, 2017
Destressing of the Mind
Chris Price
Coming Events
December 16 -- Christmas Party
at Invintions Wine Bar
followed by A Christmas Carol
at Galleria Theater
$44 each
December schedule:   December  27-- Dark no meeting
                                                   Salvation Army Bell Ringing
                                   Tom Kline is coordinating the SA bell ringing.
                                                  To check the Bell Ringing schedule
                                                  go to Aurora Rotary. com  click
                                                  on Salvation Army banner.
                                                  Rotarian of the Quarter           
                                           Jim Bickford was named Rotarian of 
                                    the Quarter.  He Received a gift certificate
                                    to The Outback Restaurant that Kristin 
                                   Kleinholtz manages.
                                                                      Girl's Rising
                                 President Joel presented a check to Samantha                                       Westerdale of Rangeview HS to be used for
                          "Girls Rising" .  She showed a video of girls using                                  their leadership skills.
                                      President Joel presented a check to Jessica
                               Brown Community Program Director for YMCA.
                                                            Kindle Presenters
                                   This was the group that took Kindles to one or                                        more elementary schools.
                                                         2017 Club Photo
This Week
November 29, 2017
Amy Slothower
Compositive Academy
From Compoistive Academy website:                         

Compositive Academy is a proposed new K-5th grade, tuition-free, public charter school with lottery-based admissions in Aurora, Colorado that will open with kindergarten and first-grade students in 2019. Compositive Academy will provide a rigorous and holistic academic program to students from diverse ethnic, socio-economic and geographic backgrounds. 

Compositive Academy is different from any other school in the region. The school puts students at the center of their own education, utilizing a model of learning that extensive research and best practices from other schools in the country have shown to be effective in empowering students to become lifelong learners and contributing citizens. We encourage students to identify their own questions and give them the tools to answer those questions through projects that develop their academic, cognitive, social, emotional and ethical abilities. Compositive Academy cultivates every child’s capacity to reflect and learn, recognize and act, care and connect, and engage and serve.

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