Photos by Brian Molitoris

Next Meeting
January 17, 2018
Kimberly Armitage
Coming Events
January 17 -- 1055 Board Meeting
February 7 -- State of the Base
March 4 – Flower Power
Blue Badge
Jim Bickford conducted the meeting and presented
Brian Erickson his Blue Badge as sponsor Linda Witulski
looks on.
Brian was a Rotarian in the Ogden Utah Rot He is a
Senior Living Specialist with Senior Path. They assist seniors and their families when moving to Independent, Assisted, Alzheimer, or Skilled Rehab Group Home or Senior Living communities.  Prior to moving to Ogden, Brian and his family lived in Castle Rock.
Brian and his wife Angie have children living in the area.
Bell Ringing Update
Linda Witulski, co-chair with Tom Klein
Co-ordinating Salvation Army kettle ringing had
latest totals for the bell ringing.  The club rang
Saturdays and Sundays for 5 weeks.  The kettles
raised $24,000 which was 14% of the totals for all kettles during that time period.  The Aurora Rotary Foundation made an additional contribution of $13,000 bringing the total to
$37,000.  (Note: these totals are rounded off and subject to audit change)
Shots for Tots
Shots for Tots is this Saturday, January 13 at Hoffman   Hts. Fire Station.

        Exchange Student
We have an exchange student, Luis Linares here from Brazil on a six week exchange.  He is staying with Tom Klein and family.
This Week
January 10, 2018
Sister Cities
Karlyn Stroub
Hermela Goshu
Karlyn Schorb
Hermela Goshu
Hermela Goshu is a freshman student
that participated in an exchange to Seong Nam, South Korea.  She found it very rewarding.  She wants to study International Law and work for the UN.
She would like to go to France and China.
There were 24 students that participated in this exchange.  It costs $112,000 per year
per student to participate.  The Aurora Rotary Foundation contributed $7,500 to
this exchange.
Aurora is going to host a Sister City Conference  August 2-4. 
 They are reserving 2400 beds for this conference.
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