Photos by Brad Mikel

Next Meeting
January 24, 2018
All Club Members
Members are asked to reflect
on something of note from their past.
This will be written on a piece of paper
and put in the middle of the table.
Other members will ask questions
to figure out who the paper belongs to.
Chris Price will run the exercise.
Coming Events
January 17 -- 1055 Board Meeting
February 7 -- State of the Base
March 4-5 -- Flower Power
Exchange Student
Exchange student Luis Linares from Brazil exchanges
flags with President Joel.   Luis is on a six week exchange.
He is staying with Tom and Raz KleinHe is trying
to do as many things as possible.  He has been to
Fort Collins and Boulder.  Members are asked to
include him in their activities.
Tom Klein contributes to happy bucks for Luis.  Tom
was accompanied by his wife Raz.
Signature Event
The board is interested in developing a local
signature event.  They've asked Rick Richard to look
into this. Rick has had some meetings with the city.
Look forward to hearing what Rick has found out
Flower Power
Flower Power is approaching March 4-5.   On Sunday
March 4, volunteers are needed to traverse the convention
floor pulling plants and flowers from displays and putting
them in boxes.  The boxes are loaded in semis and
transported to a central area.  Early Monday March 5,
the proper number of boxes will be picked up and taken
to nursing homes.   Shalom Park has been one for the last
few years.  A second facility will be added this year.
On Sunday after the flowers are pulled the volunteers
go to a downtown restaurant for dinner.
This Week
January 17, 2018
Kimberly Armitage
Jessica Brown
Kimberly Armitage, Executive Director of the Y and Jessica
Brown, Intern,detailed the programs available at the Y.
Some of the programs they talked about were:
Youth in government
Model UN program
Y leaders training
Teen Nights @ Southlands
Mentoring Program
Making parks smoke free
Modern  teen communication (Snap Chat, texting
Kids at Risk  (academics etc.)
Peaceful schools
Before and After School
Friends on the force
Future Family
Any program developed must pass the YMCA mission:
Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.
The Y sold the building they owned and are now using available
buildings locally.   They showed a video of Mr. Art  (Art Wolfe)
reading to kids.
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