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November 15, 2017
Shelley McKittrick
City of Aurora
Homeless Coordinator
Coming Events
                                                 November 15-- Board Meeting  10:55
December 16 -- Christmas Party
at Invintions Wine Bar
followed by A Christmas Carol
at Galleria Theater
Tickets -- $44 
Payable to Aurora Rotary Club
January 17, 2018--State of the Base
November schedule:  November 22 -- Dark no meeting.
November 29 -- Makeup meeting.
December schedule:   December  27-- Dark no meeting
Scholarship Award
                                     Kimberly Armitage presents a check  from
                                   the Aurora Rotary Foundation for $1,000 to
                                  Adyam (Ida) Hunegnaw for tuition to Aurora
                                  Commuinty College.,
This Week
November 8, 2017
Ryan Walsh
Annie Rhodes
                             The program was two people from Amazon’ HR
                            department  explaining the hiring protocol and
                           what they must have to do the  jobs and what physical
                           characteristics are necessary.   It requires standing
                           all day, working in different temperatures, and sorting.
                           There are three facilities, the large warehouse at I-70 and                                               Tower, Amazon Fresh which are groceries and
                           Amazon Plus which are large bulky items.
                           Amazon bought Whole Foods which are becoming
                           the food division for Amazon.
                          Flex is the delivery system used.  It is private citizens
                          using their own vehicles like Lyft or Uber.
                          The question was asked if Amazon was going to go
                          robotic.   It is underway in Seattle where they do  new
                          experimental things.  There is an added delivery fee
                          added to orders.
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