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                                                   May 10, 2018
                                                 State of the City
                                         Governor Hickenlooper
                                    at the Hyatt Regency Aurora
                                               14th and Potomac
                                   No Meeting Wednesday May 9
                                       May 10,  --  State of the City   
                                                                           50  tables sold
                                        May 30 -- Meeting at Salvation Army.
                                     June 25 -  Golf Tournament at Heritage Eagle                                                                                                        Bend  - Shotgun start 7;30 am.
                                     June 30-- Installation  at Bob's Barn at 4:00 pm
                                                                  State of the City                         
                               Linda Witulski reported that the State of the City will be                              starting at 11:30 am on Thursday May 10.  She passed      
                          a sheet around asking members to put their name
                          next to the name of one of the table sponsors.  This
                          will be the table  the member will be seated at.  She
                          said that lots of helpers are needed there to help set  up
                          tables at  8:30 am.  There will  be no regular meeting on                              Wednesday May 9.
                                                                   Eagle  Award
                              Fire Medic Travis Pulliam went above and beyond
                         when  he recognized the need for coats for some people  
                        he serves. The basic need came to $3500 and he
                        was able to raise $5,000.  Dave Williams presented
                        the award.
Ron Maclachlan
                           Bob Barrows reported that Ron Maclachlan  may be
                       able to go home today.   He is frustrated because he
                      can't speak.  (His voice box was removed)                                     
                                                                  Shots for Tots
                                         Saturday May 12 at Fire Station 2.                                                      Art Wolfe and two volunteers will be there.
                                                                                This Week
                                                          May 2, 2018 
                                       U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman                     
                                               President Joel Henderson welcomes
                       U.S. Congressman Mike Coffman  of Colorado District 6.
                             Congressman Coffman  was very effective by
                             asking for questions.  It was a conversational
                             format that engaged the audience. 
                             The first question was the status of the VA. The  hospital
                             in Auror is five years overdue and $1 billion over
                             budget.  Mike has required that the construction
                             be done by the Army Corp. of Engineers.
                            He also discovered  the VA kept two lists of people                                           requiring service.  One list was so tardy 
                            being served that many vets died before getting
                           Admiral Jackson was nominated to head
                           the VA but was unqualified to run such a huge agency.
                           The VA has 320,000 employees.  Admiral Jackson
                           is the President's personal physician but not an
                          Vets should be able to go to any
                           facility for treatment and the VA should pay for it. ..
                          The   congressman said no one was fired for this mess.
                                Immigration and the DACA children was addressed  .                                   He believes they should be allowed to stay  but the wall                               has to be built to keep from compounding the problem.  
                         The immigration laws are in dire need of changing.   
                        The  lottery should be done away with as well as "chain " 
                       There is no flexibilty in the budget.   
                       It used to be that  1/3 of  the budget was mandatory and
                       2/3 was discretionary. It is reversed now.
                       The Senate is hamstrung by the filibuster.  It is difficult
                       to change anything when a small minority can block it.
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