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April 18, 2018
Ken Hostgetler
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April 24-- New Member Orientation
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Sunday 5:00 pm- 27151 Lakeview Dr.
                                                       May 10,  -- State of the City                                                    
                                     Shots for Tots:   Saturday April 14
                                           State of the City::   May 10
                                                                             This year John Hickenlooper
                                                                will be delivering the address.  The 
                                                                program will be starting at 11:30.
                                                                Please  make arrangements to be
                                                                on time.
                                                                     Golden Globe Awards.
                                     Kimberly Armitage is planning a social event that is a 
                               takeoff on Hollywood's Golden Globe Awards.  She
                              distributed sheets with humorous categories  and asked
                              people to nominate people for the awards.  Dress
                              will be casual to semi-formal.  She is putting out a 
                              sign-up genius and is asking members to RSVP to
        This Week
                                                                       April 11, 2018
        Oil & Gas Update
     Jim Rogers &
   Max Blair


                                         Max Blair Land  Man with Conoco-Phillips .                                                                 Max outlined the steps in acquiring and producing
                                         Once it's determined where petroleum is located it's
                                  one of Max's jobs to make arrangements to acquire
                                  the rights to the oil.
                                  Inclusive in this, is mitigating damage to the surface
                                  area.  This includes where roads will go and how                                           many wells will be drilled.   Previously,  wells were
                                 produced through a vertical borehole.  With the
                                 advent of horizontal drilling. one borehole can take 
                                 the place of several wells mitigating damage to the
                                 surface area.
                                 Typically, the borehole might go down 8000 feet and
                                 take a right turn in various directions and can go
                                 out as far as two miles.
                                 Max emphasized how much time was required for
                                 each step.   Drilling might take two or three weeks.
                                 Fracking might take three days.  At that point, the 
                                 big equipment is removed and all that is needed is
                                 a space 100 X 100 feet for the well head.  If there
                                 is enough production, installing a pipeline is less
                                 intrusive than hauling the product.
                                     Jim Rogers, club member and petroleum 
                                     Jim made a point that fracking (hydraulic                                                           fracturing)  is necessary.
                                     Shale bearing formations are very porous,
                                     but the pores are not connected.  (it is                                                                  impermeable)    The fracking makes the formation
                                     permeable and allows the fluid to flow back and
                                     has been done for 60 years or more with no  bad
                                     effects.  There is 8000 feet of solid rock between the
                                     pay zone  and the surface.  it would be impossible
                                     for fluids to migrate that far causing damage to
                                     drinking water etc.  The fractures themselves may
                                     go ten feet or so.  The whole idea is to bring fluid
                                     back out of  the borehole and not let it go anywhere


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