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January 17, 2018
Kimberly Armitage
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                                               January 17   --  Board Meeting   10:55
            February 7   --   State of the Base
                                                               Blue Badge                                          
                                President Joel watches as mentor Mike Garcia
                               presents Debra Gerkin her Blue Badge.
                                  Debra was born in Wichita Kansas.  She is   an ordained pastor in the Fireside Christian Church. She is retired from Aurora Public Schools after 20 years of teaching and being the principal at Crawford  Elementary School.   Debra was recently elected to  the Board of  Directors of Aurora Public Schools.
                                                      Bell Ringing Update
  Linda Witulski, Co-chair of SA Bell Ringing thanked Regina Edmondson, son, and sister for stepping in at last minute to fill in open times. Final totals are not in though some generous person put a $5.000 check in our kettle.   
                                                         Ron Maclachan                                       
 Ron is returning from a long stay in the hospital.  As part of a procedure, he was put in a coma for two days.  He described it as being in a totally black room.  He couldn't move his arms or see anything.  What he could hear was Joan talking to him with encouragement and love.   Ron's message to us was to not give up hope and continue to communicate with your loved one.  
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Tom Kline is coordinating the SA bell ringing.
To check the Bell Ringing schedule go to Aurora
click on Salvation Army banner.
George Peck collected contributions for the wait staff last
week.   Other contributions were made this week.
Staff Christmas Gift
             President Joel presented the contributions to the staff
                                                    Double Tree Toy  Collection
                 Susie of the wait staff  displays toys that were collected
                by the staff.   They will be distributed by the Salvation
This Week
December 20, 2017
                        Rick Upchurch                       
               Rick Upchurch a Bronco wide receiver and return specialist  talked about finding your calling.  He described how his faith in God allowed him to take on new challenges because he was convinced  that "God had his back" and wouldn't let him fail.
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