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December 13, 2017
Larry Pisciotta
My Journey
Coming Events
December 16 -- Christmas Party
at Invintions Wine Bar
followed by A Christmas Carol
at Galleria Theater
$44 each
December schedule:   December  27-- Dark no meeting
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Tom Kline is coordinating the SA bell ringing.
To check the Bell Ringing schedule go to Aurora
click on Salvation Army banner.
Red Badge

Jim Bickford is Joe Bellum's sponsor.

Joe has a PHD and is with CSU Global on an Institutional Membership.  Joe is the primary but will share this membership with other company people as time allows. This is a new category of membership and was created to accomadate busy people that couldn't attend all the time.
Veteran Recognition
Mike Garcia surprised Pete Engelken with the recognition.
Pete served as a radioman aboard a ship during WWII.  December 7 is Pearl Harbor Day. November 11 is Veteran's Day.
This Week
December 6, 2017
Chris Price
A meditation demonstration
Member picture 
Chris Price is a physical therapist and the owner of Body Image Physical Therapy and Fitness.  Her meditation exercise included everyone in the room.  She began by lowering the room lights.  The exercise was accompanied by soothing music.  People were asked to get in a comfortable position and relax.  She asked us to imagine each part of the body relaxing starting with the head and continuing to the bottom of the feet.  People were to imagine worrisome thoughts that were bothering them were proceeding down their body and into a pipe going to the center of the earth and destroyed there.  The  membership really enjoyed the exercise and were encouraged to try it at home.
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