Next Week
October 4, 2017
Dr. Scott Siegfried
& Abbe Smith
Coming Events
October 14 --     Pot Luck at Bob Barrows
November 4 -- District Interact Convention
December 16 -- Christmas Party
at Invintions Wine Bar
followed by A Christmas Carol
at Galleria Theater
(details to follow)
November schedule:  November 22 -- Dark no meeting.
November 29 -- Makeup meeting.
December schedule:   December 27-- Dark no meeting
Colorado Freedom Memorial
Rick Crandall founder of the Colorado Freedom Memorial, reported that vandals had thrown
a large rock through panel 6.   The memorial is a tabulation of all the Coloradoans
that have died in all the wars of the United States.
There are 250 names that had been discovered
since the memorial was erected.  Rick was able
to include 150 of those names on the replacement panel.
Kimberly Armitage presented Rick Crandall a check from the Aurora Rotary Foundation for $3,000 to put
toward the repair of the Freedom Memorial.  Rick says they are installing a security system.
Theater Arts Scholarships
She also presented a Foundation check for $2,000 to
the principal of Central High School for scholarships in theater arts.
We collected Happy Bucks for the devastation in Puerto Rico.
This Week
September 27, 2017
District Governor
Abbas Rajabi
Abbas Rajabi, an American by choice, grew up in Hamadan, Iran in a large family. His passion for education brought him to the United States where he pursued a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Texas in Arlington. After working at several large companies, Abbas decided that his entrepreneurial spirit was too strong to deny. He began several small businesses in Texas, South Carolina and then Colorado while also building a family. Most recently, he is the founder and president of Mohegan Capital, a private real estate investment fund specializing in value-add and income producing industrial real estate.
Abbas listed a number of accomplishments that Rotary has made.
In 1983, there were 360,000 cases of polio.  Last year there were 10.  It will cost $50,000,000 a year to immunize each new cohort of children that are born.
Rotary is the founder of UNESCO at the UN.  In 1945, Rotary set up the organization for the League of Nations that became the organization for the UN after the League of Nations Failed.
Governor Rajabi said that at the next District Conference, May 19-20, 2018 he is going to open the House of Freedom to the public.  The House of Freedom is a display each club makes of their major accomplishments during the year.
On January 6 Ian H. S. Riseley from Australia, will be here to address the attendees.  It is significant because of the size of Rotary, the RI president is limited in how many he can visit and to be selected is an honor.
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