Photos by Brad Mikel

Next Meeting
February 28, 2018
Note: Meeting canceled  due to  Double Tree construction conflict.
Next meeting scheduled is March 7.
Stay tuned for changes and programs.
Note: Drilling activity is harbinger of future economic activity
Coming Events
March 4-5 – Flower Power
April 17 - New Member Orientation
May 10, -- State of the City
Today was bring a friend to Rotary Day.
Red Badge
President Joel presented Sheila Anthony with
a Red Badge while sponsor Linda Witulski
looks on. Sheila and Doug Anthony have hosted
three exchange students and have participated in
numerous other Rotary events.

Signature Event
President Joel read a letter to the Aurora Parks and Rec
that commits the club to the Red Tail Hawk Park project.
The commitment is $100,000 that allows the city to
apply for grants to be used in the development of the
park. This is the result of several meetings by Rick
Richards, Patti Bateman, and Linda Witulski.

Flower Power
Flower Power is approaching March 4-5. On Sunday
March 4, at 6:00 pm volunteers are needed to
traversethe conventionfloor pulling plants and
flowers fromdisplays and putting
them in boxes. Early Monday March 5,
the proper number of boxes will betakento nursing homes.
Shalom Park and Cherry Creek Nursing will be
the recipients this year. Volunteers will need to be
there to unload the flowers from the van driven by
Paul Suss.
State o f the City Update
Linda Witulski, co-chair of State of the City reported that
a deposit has been made to Hyatt-Regency Aurora-Denver
to confirm Thursday May 10 as the date for State of the City.
She also noted that 22 tables have been sold which is halfway
to the goal. She also asked that members who have purchased
tables in the past can do so again by e-mail to her.
Linda also distributed State of the City cards.
This Week
February 21, 2018
Colorado Secretary of State
Wayne Williams
Wayne Williams is the 36th Secretary of State in the history
of Colorado. He is the 6th in the last 10 years. Wayne is
from Colorado Springsand makes the drive up I-25 every
morning at 6:00 am. He says that is a good time to get in
touch with him.
The Secretary of State is responsible for running elections in the state.
The office is also in charge of licensing charities and registering
businesses. Here is a more complete list of responsibilities:


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