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 Next Meeting
February 14, 2018
Aurora Youth Option
Natalie Kaiser
Coming Events
March 4-5 – Flower Power
May 10,  -- State of the City
State of the Base
President Joel Kruschwitz  welcomed guests and
                               Bill Rapp gave the invocation.
                        There was a full house of about 250 that attended
  Flower Power
Flower Power is approaching March 4-5.   On Sunday
March 4,  at 6:00 pm volunteers are needed to
traverse the convention floor pulling plants and
flowers from displays and putting
them in boxes.  The boxes are loaded in semis and
transported to a central area.  Early Monday March 5,
the proper number of boxes will be picked up and
taken to nursing homes.   Shalom Park has been one for
the last few years.
A second facility will be added this year.
On Sunday after the flowers are pulled the volunteers
go to a downtown restaurant for dinner.
This Week
February 7, 2018
State of the Base
Colonel Troy L. Endicott
Ron Cole Chairman  of The Chamber Defense
Council introduced Colonel Endicott.
 Colonel Endicott was transferred to Buckley two months ago.   He and his staff are committed to keeping  Buckley the premier base of all bases and
           making Buckley completely self-contained medically.
Last year during the State of the Base, it was announced that the dental building needed completing and the 6th avenue entrance would be overhauled with
extra lanes for truck traffic this has been completed.
                                 Buckley has 93 mission partners, 14,000 employees (second only to agriculture), and contributes $94,797,946 yearly.  
                               Buckley's primary mission is early warning of missile launches world wide.  There were 500 missile launches in 2017.
     A new satellite was launched to improve performance and 
                                keep technology updated.               
                                 Aurora received an award for its support of Buckley in 2017.
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