Photos by Brad Mikel

Next Meeting
February 21, 2018
Secretary of State
Wayne Williams
Coming Events
March 4-5 – Flower Power
May 10,  -- State of the City
Shots for Tots:   Saturday February 10
Supervisor Art Wolfe, Dwight Taylor, Phil Gibson,
Jerry Allen
      Signature Event

Rick Richard was tasked two years ago by the board to survey and vet a signature event for the club.  He has met with Aurora's Parks and Rec. people who
suggested creating a fully accessible park for specialneeds  children attached.   Red Tail Hawk Park.  The land has been  purchased and some basic amenities have been added.
The cost will be subject to the design.  Rick thinks it will be
between  $250,000 and  $400,000.  It was suggested
that funds from the golf tournament be ear marked
for the project.  Other fund raising will be required.
Rick had pictures of the type of equipment it will have.

Flower Power
Flower Power is approaching March 4-5.   On Sunday
March 4,  at 6:00 pm volunteers are needed to
traverse the convention floor pulling plants and
flowers from displays and putting
them in boxes.  The boxes are loaded in semis and
transported to a central area.  Early Monday March 5,
the proper number of boxes will be picked up and
taken to nursing homes.   Shalom Park has been one for
the last few years.  Another nursing home will be added
this year.
On Sunday after the flowers are pulled the volunteers
go to a downtown restaurant for dinner.
This Week
February 14, 2018
Aurora Youth Options
Natalie Kaiser, Program Coordinator, for Aurora Youth
Options .     AYO works with at-risk middle and high school
aged youth along with their families to navigate, connect
and provide positive individualized resources for success.
during their time with AYO , youth gain the life skills that
are necessary for personal, professional and emotional
happiness in life.
The mentor program matches adult volunteers with
youth based on mutual interests and personality traits,
connecting with a personal mentor as their life coach
and friend.
Natalie asked members to talk with their neighbors
about mentors that have helped them and also the
benefits for the mentors.
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