Photos by Brad Mikel

Next Meeting
January 31, 2018
Jamie Rife
Coming Events
February 7 -- State of the Base
March 4-5 – Flower Power
May 10-- State of the City
State of the City
Linda Witulski was pleased to announce May 10 as
the date for The State of the City.  It's always a challenge to find a date that works for the Mayor and also for an available date at the Hyatt.

Flower Power
Flower Power is approaching March 4-5.   On Sunday
March 4,  at 6:00 pm volunteers are needed to
traverse the convention floor pulling plants and
flowers from displays and putting
them in boxes.  The boxes are loaded in semis and
transported to a central area.  Early Monday March 5,
the proper number of boxes will be picked up and
taken to nursing homes.   Shalom Park has been one for
the last few years.
A second facility will be added this year.
On Sunday after the flowers are pulled the volunteers
go to a downtown restaurant for dinner.
This Week
January 24, 2018
Chris Price explained what to do.   The members at  each table were each to write on the slip of paper something they would like to do or accomplish.
It was a challenge for the rest of the table members to ask questions to figure out who
the paper  belonged to.  The chair at each table would  then read the slip of paper to the whole room who would then ask questions or just guess who had written it.
Craig Wagner's piece of paper said he wanted a pony.  He had two older brothers who each had a Shetland pony and he wanted one too.
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