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February 7, 2018
State of the Base
Coming Events
February 7 -- State of the Base 
March 4-5 – Flower Power
                                                   May 10,  -- State of the City
                                              Important:  Please be seated at 11:30
                           Program by Buckley Commander will begin at 12:00
                               Shots for Tots:   Saturday February 10: arrive at 9:15.
                              Condolence:   David Martin husband of past member  Sheila                                             Martin passed this week:  Service  at St. Gabriels  Episcopal
                                                                    Tuesday, February 10, 2018  at 3:00 pm
                                                                       Signature Event
                                            Rick Richard was tasked two years ago by the board
                                          to survey and vet a signature event for the club.  He
                                          has met with Aurora's Parks and Rec. people who
                                          suggested creating a fully accessible park for special
                                         needs  children attached.   Red Tail Hawk Park.  The land                                                 has been  purchased and some basic amenities have been                                                 added. 
                                        The cost will be subject to the design.  Rick thinks it will be
                                         between  $250,000 and  $400,000.  It was suggested
                                         that funds from the golf tournament be ear marked 
                                            for the project.  Other fund raising will be required.

Flower Power
                                    Flower Power is approaching March 4-5.   On Sunday
                                   March 4,  at 6:00 pm volunteers are needed to                               
                                    traverse the convention floor pulling plants and 
                                   flowers from displays and putting                        
                                   them in boxes.  The boxes are loaded in semis and
                                   transported to a central area.  Early Monday March 5,
                                  the proper number of boxes will be picked up and  
                                  taken to nursing homes.   Shalom Park has been one for 
                                  the last few years.  Another nursing home will be added
                                 this year.
                                 On Sunday after the flowers are pulled the volunteers
                                 go to a downtown restaurant for dinner.
                                         Bob Barrows made mention of all the fine work
                                       Kimberly Armitage does.  This weekend she took 20                                                           exchange students skiing at Copper Mountain. 
                                       He said it was like "herding cats".
        This Week
             January 31, 2018

                         Jamie Rife recently moved here from Atlanta.  She introduced

Purposity.   She has established an "Aurora" page for those who want to contribute.    From Purposity web site:
Everywhere around us we see people in need. We also see people who want to help others but don’t know how. We connect those dots through the power of text messaging and social media.
School systems and non-profits in local communities let us know needs in your area. We spread the word to individuals near them who are willing to help. They click a link, see the need, and make a difference for someone near them. It may be the family next door who lost their home in a fire or the child down the street you didn’t know needed school supplies.
It’s easy. It’s simple, and it takes just a few clicks to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s the fastest way to impact your community, one need at a time. 
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